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Case Study: Looking for Lifestyle Changes

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Sam and Andrea

came to Passport Wealth Management looking for advice on how to structure Andrea’s compensation package at work.  Thanks to a series of promotions at work, Andrea had the opportunity to structure the company stock portion of her benefits/compensation package and also needed guidance and advice on how to exercise her vesting stock options.

With two young children, thriving careers, and a go-go-go lifestyle, the couple revealed that they were also dreaming of a family lifestyle change, to slow things down, be less busy and to create the space for Sam to work on passion projects.

Step 1: Discovery

After taking a comprehensive look at their finances, accounts, assets, liabilities, insurance, and the family’s dreams and goals, Dan reviewed the compensation package. Taking into account current tax regulations, potential regulatory changes, stock pricing, and the family situation, Dan helped Andrea adjust her stock benefits so that her compensation package would help them move toward their financial and life goals. 

Step 2: Re-Aligning Financial Goals and Priorities

Comprehensive financial planning, however, doesn’t consider just the numbers, it takes into account the people. As Dan built a relationship with Sam and Andrea, he recognized that they had worked hard in their 20s and 30s to create a financially comfortable lifestyle for themselves, but they had not yet carved out the space for the family to realize the benefits of that hard work.

Step 3: Seeking Financial Freedom

With words like burned out, tapped out, and exhausted being used, Dan suggested that they consider whether using their financial freedom to take a conscious step back from their working all the time life would be worthwhile. Sam and Andrea quickly agreed that not only could it be worthwhile, but they would love to find more balance and more space to be together as a family.

Step 4: Showing Financial Balance

Using tools to show Sam and Andrea that their financial future would be secure, even with a conscious step back, Dan provided them with advice, support and evidence to show that they didn’t have to wait – they could carve out a plan to find balance right away.

So where are Sam and Andrea now?

Today, Sam and Andrea are living a life that balances joy and togetherness with their career goals. Sam is currently working part-time, and they are spending more quality time together as a family, taking time to ‘tour the world’ through family time in the kitchen. Having Passport Wealth Management as their financial partner allowed the couple to feel comfortable dreaming of a different lifestyle, and the knowledge and evidence to show that it was possible.

All investing involves risk, including the potential for loss of principal. There is no guarantee that any investment plan or strategy will be successful.  As client names and details have been changed, this is not a statement of client experience.  The situation described above is reflective of the processes, views and opinions of Passport Wealth Management and does not reflect the opinion or testimonial of any particular client. 


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